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About Author of chemistry-reacton.com

Pradip Sanjay W.

seiner Research scholar
IIT Hyderabad
Kailas Chavan

Senior Research Fellow,
IIT Jodhpur
Rajesh Bhawale

Senior Research Scholar
IIT, Indore
Narendra Kharat

Senior Research
BIT’S Pilani, Rajsthan linkedin
About Author of chemistry-reacton.com

About Chemistry-Reacton.com

The offline education system is overwhelmed with several inefficiencies. Our vision is to reimagine and evolve how learning has been happening for decades by combining quality content of organic chemistry reaction mechanisms and superior technology like images, 3D models, and videos. We can create an excellent learning experience for students and aid in their outcome improvement, unlike any offline experience.

            chemistry-reaction.com is a trustworthy and vibrant online resource that contains perceptively written, high-excellence reference material containing all significant aspects of Named reaction and respective reaction mechanisms of organic chemistry aimed for easy to understand the world Organic chemistry for chemistry learning students and working teachers’ organic reaction mechanism knowledge.

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About Author of chemistry-reacton.com

       chemistry-reaction.com offers images of name reaction mechanisms to primary students perceiving their academia in the chemistry field and itinerates BSc and MSc in chemistry, appearing in entrance examinations like NCERT board, JEE advance, NEET, entrance exams for master in IITs like JAM as well as study for Ph.D. like UGC-CSIR NET- JRF in organic chemistry as well GATE in chemical sciences,12th state board exams, and state level examination. We offer videos, exclusive pictures, and specially designed molecular structures for the student. With these and other online features, chemistry-reaction.com is continually escalating how it can establish and explain core, trustworthy reaction mechanisms, and information that inspires and guides passionate students to more insightful knowledge.